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Support Roosevelt High School

Roosevelt High School, tucked away on the peninsula in North Portland, has seen a lot of change over almost 100 years of students passing through the front doors under the clock tower. Today, it is home to one of the most ethnically diverse populations in the state of Oregon. Students and their families originate from more than 25 different countries. Roosevelt students are bright, hardworking, socially and environmentally aware, but many face challenges not found at others schools in Portland. 

  • Roosevelt has the highest number of historically underserved students in the Portland district

  • Almost 65% of the student body qualifies for free or reduced lunch

  • Nearly 20% of the students are classified as Special Education students

  • New English Language learners make up 16% of the student population

Teachers at Roosevelt are incredibly dedicated to their students and strive to find ways to help them succeed. Support comes not only from partner groups, but also from members of the community, many of whom are Roosevelt alumni. Even with all of these supports in place, there are still unmet needs. 

Four Ways to Help:

Clothing Closet.jpg

Donate to the Roosevelt Clothing Closet

Purchase from our Amazon Wish List

  • Open multiple days each week 

  • Serves both students and families in the community

  • Stocked through donations only

  • Offers clothing, coats, shoes and personal hygiene items

  • There's always a need for warm clothing

The Wish List features items that must be purchased new (like socks and underwear) as well as toiletries and other items that are harder to acquire through donations. 

Donate to the Roosevelt Food Pantry

Purchase from our Amazon Wish List

  • Provides healthy food options to students and families in the community

  • Operated through a partnership with the Oregon Food Bank and the SUN Program

  • Students can shop when needed and the pantry is open to the community once a week

  • More than 50 families use the pantry weekly

The Food Pantry is fortunate to be able to receive support from outside agencies. Some of the basic operating supplies are not as readily avaialble, however, and these items are on the Wish List. 


Donate to the Roosevelt

Art Department

  • Only around 1/3 of art students are able to pay the art supply fee

  • Teachers make purchases using their own funds

  • For some students, art class is what keeps them coming to school

  • Teachers want to keep kids interested, motivated and challenged


Roosevelt's Art Teachers, Kellie May and Jenny Brockman, want to provide an assortment of supplies and would love to offer art classrooms stocked with the same resources found at other schools in the district. The items they need show up on the Wish List. 

art supplies3.jpg

Purchase from our Amazon Wish List

Donate Through PayPal

Not sure what to purchase but still want to help? Tax-deductible donations can be made through PayPal - just be sure to specify where you'd like your funds to end up if you have a preference!

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