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The RSC is a way for people who care about Roosevelt to come together in a positive way with the goal of enhancing the experiences of everyone who calls Roosevelt home.


It's a great way to meet new people and have fun with friends while doing some good! Joining means that you're making a commitment to help out when you can and that you're doing your part to make Roosevelt the best it can be.


Members agree to act responsibly at all events and to represent Roosevelt in a positive way. 

There are three ways to be a part of the RSC:

What is the RSC?

Joining is easy! Sign up to volunteer by filling out the online form or join in person at an event at school. 

You can also pay for a membership here or in person at an event. 

How do I Sign Up?

Most importantly, community and knowing that you're making a difference for Roosevelt!


But there's swag too! Everyone one signs up to volunteer gets a cool RSC sticker. 


The first time you volunteer, you get an RSC Key Fob. Show this at a game at school and get in for the student price!

After that, volunteer awards are based on volunteer hours:

  • 5 Hours = RSC Cinch Pack

  • 10 Hours = RSC Thermal Mug

  • 15 Hours = RSC T-Shirt

  • 20 Hours = RSC Hoodie

What Are the Perks?

The Fine Print:


By joining the Roosevelt Supporter Club, you agree to represent Roosevelt in a positive manner, showing respect to all who are participating in events, both on and off campus grounds. You agree to be a positive role model at sporting events, treating opponents, officials and Roosevelt athletes with respect and courtesy. 


Volunteers are responsible for tracking and reporting their hours. Hours can be reported to


Awards will be given within 30 days of being reported as earned. Awards can be picked up at events on campus or through alternate arrangements. 

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